Managed Infrastructure

Quadtech were the first IT provider in the Toowoomba region to offer services hosted in the Pulse Data Center. Leveraging this new state of the art facility, we are able to offer clients a wide range of Managed Infrastructure solutions.

Hosted Backup & Replication Service

Offsite, secure backup of your data without needing rotating drives or other hardware based solutions.

Quadtech can facilitate storing the offsite backups of your valuable business data on our secure, hosted backup servers, ensuring it’s safety in the event of fire or other damage to your business premises.


With the rapid increase in internet speeds and remote technologies, it’s now no longer necessary to keep all of your IT equipment like servers on premises.

Quadtech can assist you with relocating your IT infrastructure into the Pulse Datacentre for ideal server conditions and lower overheads.

Office 365 Backup

Does your organisation use Office 365? Quadtech can host backups of your Office 365 tenancy, ensuring the ability to restore anything from individual emails to a whole mailbox in the case of data loss or overzealous inbox tidying.

Hosted Server

Hosted Servers are ideal for businesses looking for an affordable server solution without wanting to invest in personnel or equipment costs.

Hosted on our infrastructure, your server is accessible 24/7 wherever there is an internet connection available. Ideal for organisations with users who frequently travel.