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Marketing and Customer Engagement

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation

A shiny new website can make you a lot of money if you know how to market it well!

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? We hear it everywhere and yet most of us don’t truly understand it.
To put it simply...

SEO is the process which is undertaken to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

It comes in 3 main forms:

1. Pay per click

This is done through campaigns such as Google Ad Words. These strategies can make sure you are number one on Google! And the best thing is, you only pay for the amount of clicks. This is the easiest way to guarantee your website traffic skyrockets!

2. Technical SEO

The analytics, coding and tagging which is done to your websites back end to ensure that your website is ‘speaking Google language’. This is the part of SEO when people’s eyes glaze over and all they hear is mumbo jumbo. Luckily, we speak both Google and human! We will not only execute these strategies for you, but will make sure you understand the process.

3. ‘You get what you put in’

This method involves being active in and around your website. Things like social media, blogging and email campaigns are all activities which help to improve traffic to your website and your ranking on Google.


Some tools in our digital marketing toolkit...

SEO Packages

We can tailor an SEO package for your website which will maximise the effect of your marketing dollar. Short and long-term packages available. Contact us!

Google Ad Words

Get a call back from our Ad Words expert to discuss your requirements.

Social Media

In a world where most of our interactions happen online, most word-of-mouth marketing is done through social media... Not to mention the ability to build a community of supporters, direct your promotions easier and also to be accessible out of business hours. Our Social Media Specialist can help you plan your campaigns, answer all your questions about social media marketing or be your full time social media marketer!


Blogging is a good way to fill your website with more information and to keep it active for SEO! Not sure on where to start? We can help you plan your blogs, source topics and new trends to blog about, or write the articles for you.

Email Campaigns

Personalised birthday wishes, holiday greeting cards, news updates and VIP discount codes! These are just some of the things you can send to your customers through email campaign platforms. Each email campaign can be personalised! We are here to help you design the perfect email campaign through design, technical help, content review, marketing and promotional advice and more!  (FORM- How do I start an email campaiogn?)

Copy Writing

Maximise the impact of your marketing initiatives with effective, targeted copy writing. Put some power into your marketing punch!

Our copy writer works hand-in-hand with our graphic designer to ensure your written content is both readable and visually accessible in its particular context.


Your most important online marketing tool!