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Is IT outsourcing for me?

Technology is continuously growing and developing in all areas of our lives, whether it be advances with internet and web services, software for our computers and phones, or even the hardware we use! Keeping up with all of these changes can be quite difficult when you are too busy running your business or with family. And sometimes, Google just doesn't have the answer to our technical problems. The need for IT support is bigger than ever. Support not just for your business, but also for your day - to – day undertakings.

Many people often feel uncertain about outsourcing to an IT service provider for many reasons. These uncertainties can be a result of bad experiences or usually just a lack of information. We've taken the liberty of answering a few questions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About IT Outsourcing

1. Is my business too small to outsource?

Not at all! In fact, having a full time ‘IT guy’ (or girl!) can cost you more. Outsourcing to an IT provider means you get the expert help when you need it, without the costs of recruitment campaigns, training, annual leave and performance management. IT providers generally tailor solutions specific to your business needs and capabilities, whether you need a complete managed service for a fixed fee, or just need help every so often on an ad hoc basis. We will find the right solution, no matter how small your business is.

2. I will lose control over my business IT decisions, won't I?

The only thing you will lose is the stress and your IT problems! Professional IT providers will never make decisions for your business. We work on a relationship basis with our clients which means we work WITH you. All the IT strategy decisions are yours to make, IT providers simply execute your requirements. A good IT provider will never undertake anything without the direct approval of the client. And that is just good business practice.

3. I'll be locked in forever. What if things change?

IT businesses don’t usually impose ‘cancellation fees’ or other surprises at the time of disengaging. Although some IT providers do, an IT business who is genuine about a partnership relationship will definitely not. Similarly, a good IT provider will maintain a full suite of up-to-date IT documentation for your business that you can access at any time. If you wish to be transitioned to another provider, you will have all the information, ready to transfer.

4. Will the service begin to slacken?

The most important thing for a successful business is its relationship with clients. Engaging in a business partnership with an IT provider means that your relationship will grow, rather than flake. Furthermore, IT service providers will begin with negotiating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifically designed for your business needs. This agreement will provide a solid basis to ensure the level of service is maintained. Penalty clauses may also be negotiated into the SLA, however, most IT businesses will value your business enough to maintain a high level of service.

5. I can’t afford it! Doesn’t it cost a lot?

As mentioned in the first answer, most IT service provider will tailor solutions to suit your needs. Depending on your needs, an IT service provider can be called on an ad hoc basis, or be commissioned for a fixed monthly fee to fix ALL of your problems, ALL of the time. Either way, you're only paying for what you need, and you avoid the extra typical staffing costs to your business.

6. Why would I need Managed I.T. Services?

We find that our clients save money by proactively maintaining their computer systems instead of paying us to bring their computers back from a critical situation.Proactive maintenance combined with industry best practices minimises cost, downtime and keeps employees productive.