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Graphic Design

Make sure your marketing and promotional materials are seen by the right people for the right reasons!

Graphic design is the art of effective visual communication

Don't waste money on advertisements or brochures that simply won't get looked at.

Our graphic designers are smart visual communicators who understand the power of space, colour, imagery and typography to attract attention and evoke a response from viewers.

Whether your business requires flyers and brochures, posters and banners, press release ads, stationary or anything in between, we have you covered.

Our design team are experts in creating marketing materials which empower your brand and work to achieve your business goals:

Annual Reports

Annual Reports don't have to be dull!

A well designed Annual Report not only establishes the professionalism of your company, it can also ensure that your information gets read! Even those dull, esoteric tables and graphs become accessible and beautiful in our hands.

Custom printing and lush finishes can further intensify the appeal of you publication!

Diocese of Toowoomba - Catholic Education Office 2010/2011 Biennial Report Design


Print and Digital Advertising

Make sure that your advertising dollar is used effectively!

Advertising in newspapers, magazines and industry publications is a great way to get noticed. But it's not cheap, so you need to make it work for you! Let our Graphic Designer create a strongly branded advertisement which is able to maximise the impact of your message in the space you have available.

Advertisement Designs

Magazine advertisements for Peter Williams Riding Apparel and Shelton Homes.


Brochures & Flyers

Brochures, booklets and flyers can be important tools in your marketing strategy.

Use them to maximise your brand awareness and trigger a response in your potential client pool. Spotlight your products, services and special offers. Point viewers to your website to boost your website statistics!

Let us work with you to design an appealing, intelligent brochure which will effectively communicate with your target demographic. We can also arrange a cost effective print solution to suit your budget.

Custom Brochure Design

Custom foldouts designed for Blade Landscape Design and Solidtech Engineering.

Product Catalogues

Give your clients something to hold on to!

Our Graphic designer will ensure that your catalogue is placed on the bedside table, not the bin! With over 10 years experience in creating intelligent, beautiful and captivating designs, our designs will keep your catalogue readers interested.

Product Catalogue Design and Print

Product catalogue for Peter Williams Riding Apparel.


Corporate Stationery

Present a united front!

Let us design a fabulous stationery package for you which showcases your brand identity and establishes your credibility among your client base.

Corporate Stationery Design and Print Solutions to suit all budgets

Presentation folder, letterhead, with compliments slips and business cards designed for Toowoomba Resort Retirement Village.