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About Quadtech

Based in Toowoomba and servicing businesses Australia-wide since 2003

Why use Quadtech for your marketing media?

Success in business is a precarious achievement in our current economic climate. You have to raise the profile of your business, products or services if you want to achieve a substantial market share. However, given the strictures of cash flow, you need to ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from your marketing budget. We understand that and can deliver quality branding, websites, print & graphic design services and marketing expertise cost effectively!

Here at Quadtech, we are deeply committed to the success of your business.

Your business matters to us!

We know what it represents in terms of your blood, sweat and tears, and so we take every project very seriously. In any work that we undertake with you, we strive to ensure that it ticks all the following boxes:

Our Approach

Before embarking on any project, we take the time to first understand the nature of your business, in terms of ethos and brand identity, goals, product/service offerings and marketplace. This knowledge underpins every task we undertake for you. Whether it's print or electronic media, we ensure that all your marketing collateral presents a unified front in terms of your corporate brand identity.

Some agencies subscribe to the 'We're the experts, just sign the cheque and leave it all to us' model. We don't! With Quadtech, you will never feel like you are on a runaway train. Our approach is highly collaborative and the key players in your project are highly accessible.

And who are the key players?

Chris Burke  -  Business and Operations Manager (Managing Director)

Darren Mentor  -  Business Relationship and Account Manager

Anne Marie Vanstone  -  Scheduling Co-ordinator

Cathy Hamilton  -  Administration Support

Tony Jones Senior Engineer

Clint Mallet -  Senior Web Developer

Travis Jacques - Systems Engineer

Brian Crouch  -  Systems Engineer

Julian Sanchez  -  Web Developer / .NET Developer